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Caring for People God's Way

Since 1999, Light University—the educational division of the nearly 50,000-member American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)—has been offering training and continuing education for individuals who have a desire to increase their knowledge and skills in biblical counseling, life coaching, crisis response, and Christian care. As a result, more than 150,000 individuals and churches have enrolled in their programs. Light’s students are serving in churches, counseling agencies, and communities all over the world. They are counselors, Sunday school teachers, pastors, women ministry leaders, lay leaders, and more… individuals just like you.

The Project At-A-Glance

Light University has been a top client of ours for over 4 years. We’re excited to unveil their new website as a step towards many new advancements in their online education catalog. This new site offers visitors both a high-level and detailed view of Light’s entire online education catalog.

Light’s previous website had seen several design and content updates throughout the years but the CMS platform it was built upon was quickly becoming more difficult to update and really wasn’t suited for their increased digital marketing needs. We began prototyping and restructuring their website in early 2016 with a completely new WordPress platform and a custom design focused on enhanced usability.

Separating their public-facing website from their Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS) made it easier to employ more modern and engaging marketing campaigns. This new website will give Light University a stable and scalable platform to continue growing and serving their mission for many years to come.

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